Automatically increase the semantic version using GitVersion

I wrote another post talking about Semantic Versioning before (but it is not in English). Introducing the semantic version to a project can give library users more semantic information when library developers publishing packages. From the Microsoft blog Versioning NuGet packages in a continuous delivery world we could find that semantic versioning is the trend.

This article will refer to the semantic versioning from the perspective of continuous integration, telling you how to automatically generate a version that contains semantic, and use it when publishing the library.

如何搭建一个基于 GitHub Pages 的 Jekyll 静态博客(目录)

GitHub Pages 为个人、组织和项目提供了展示一些页面的方式,GitHub 帮助页的 User, Organization, and Project Pages 页面就有说明。这里,我们使用 GitHub Pages 来搭建自己的博客,正好也是里面说的给 User 用作展示的页面的用途。当然,GitHub 甚至直接在官方页面中告诉大家,你可以用来当作你的博客使用,就是这句 Create a blog and spread your ideas. Whatever you want!(译:创建一个博客来传播你的想法,反正想做什么都行!)