Automatically increase the semantic version using GitVersion

I wrote another post talking about Semantic Versioning before (but it is not in English). Introducing the semantic version to a project can give library users more semantic information when library developers publishing packages. From the Microsoft blog Versioning NuGet packages in a continuous delivery world we could find that semantic versioning is the trend.

This article will refer to the semantic versioning from the perspective of continuous integration, telling you how to automatically generate a version that contains semantic, and use it when publishing the library.

自动将 NuGet 包的引用方式从 packages.config 升级为 PackageReference

在前段时间我写了一篇迁移 csproj 格式的博客 将 WPF、UWP 以及其他各种类型的旧 csproj 迁移成基于 Microsoft.NET.Sdk 的新 csproj,不过全过程是手工进行的,而且到最后处理 XAML 问题也非常头疼。

现在,我们可以利用工具自动地完成这个过程。当然,工具并不将 csproj 格式进行迁移,而是在不迁移格式的情况下,使用到 PackageReference 方式 NuGet 引用带来的好处。