The partial same C# namespace may cause source code compatibility issue

You might just add some simple APIs in your library and you’ll not think that will break down your compatibility. But actually, it might, that is – the source-code compatibility.

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Assume that we’ve written a project P which references another two libraries A and B. And we have a Walterlv.A.Diagnostics.Foo class in library A.

using Walterlv.A;
using Walterlv.B;

namespace Walterlv.Demo
    class Hello
        Run(Diagnostics.Foo foo)

And now we add a new class Walterlv.B.Diagnostics.Bar class into the B library. That is adding a new API only.

Unfortunately, the code above would fail to compile because of the ambiguity of Diagnostics namespace. The Foo class cannot be found in an ambiguity namespace.

I write this post down to tell you that there may be source-code compatibility issue even if you only upgrade your library by simply adding APIs.

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